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High Standards December 8, 2008

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I am a buddhist and, as such, I’m pretty non-violent.  However, I had one of those days at work that if I had a homicidal bone in my body there would have been at least one body in the….lobby. (I’m trying to be discreet and not give too much away since I hope that eventually the whole world reads this.)  I cannot stand it when people take the “its not my job” attitude just because something didn’t go their way or they didn’t get something that they thought they were more deserving of.

My theory is this…if you are paid to do a job, do it.  Go above and beyond.  Make your clients believe that they are the only clients you have.  And if for some reason you can’t do this, then go elsewhere and do something else.

Do I have high standards?  Yes.  I do.  At work.  At home.  In relationships.  I hold myself to those standards, though.  And no, I don’t always live up to what I believe, but I do make the effort.


One Response to “High Standards”

  1. Sophia Marsden Says:

    Some people just wanna eat. They get paid to do something specific and if they can eat by doing that, that’s what they’ll do.
    And frankly, if we have to have capitalism, then I don’t really fault them that. That is how capitalism works, you hire someones labour according to a contract, its purely mercenary, utterly selfish and I don’t much like it, but America seems to love it so who am I to argue?

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