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Addiction December 14, 2008

Filed under: General Post — matildebonaparte @ 3:14 am

I am addicted to crime shows, dramas and true crime.  I have loved Law & Order since the very first season.  I remember Kevin Spacey’s guest role a show called “Crime Story.”  (Interesting note:  This is also the first fictional drama that former police officer Dennis Farina starred in.)  I never missed an episode of Twin Peaks.  My current favorite shows are all crime dramas…CSI (the original one), all of the Law & Order shows, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Eleventh Hour.

I like true crime stories, too.  I just cannot seem to get enough. I used to sit up, sometimes all night, watching a show about prisons in the United States.  Nothing graphic, just about different prisons and how the system is supposed to work.  I like Notorius and City Confidential, too.

I can’t remember if I’ve always like crime stories or if it something that happened to me in later life.   Part of me thinks its a relatively new thing, maybe since the rape.  I watch them as a way to reassure myself that no matter how bad things were for me they can always be worse.  Or maybe I watch them to find out if there was something I could have done to better protect myself.  Or maybe I just watch in order to know that I’m not alone, that terrible things happen to everyone, no matter how safe or careless they are.


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