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Best First Date Ever December 21, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — matildebonaparte @ 6:30 am

I was reading just now an article about the best and worst christmas gifts ever given by men to women.    Reading it brought to mind some of my best and worsts.  

I had been chatting with this guy on-line for a few months.  We had met in a chatroom devoted to discussing books that we’d read, a kind of on-line book club.  He knew that my birthday was coming up and so he suggested that we meet in the middle.  He lived in Maryland and me in Virginia so we decided on Alexandria.  He did some research and discovered that the library on Queen St. was having their annual book sale so we decided to go there and then have lunch.

I bought 4 books.  We had a wonderful lunch in a very nice pub in Olde Towne. 

We eventually lost touch but to this day it rates as my best first date ever.  I keep hoping that I’ll meet someone who’ll top it, but so far no luck.


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