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Frustration January 2, 2009

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I’m frustrated tonight.  I’m in one of those moods where I want to just go through my house and throw everything away and start over.  I don’t get in these moods often, but when I do I always live to regret it.  I can’t tell you the things I’ve thrown away to simply have to turn around and replace them a week later.

A year ago my house was virtually empty.  I had very little furniture, a very old television, a dog and me.  Now I have a nice new widescreen hdtv, a new laptop, a new (to me) sofa, a new (to me) dresser, Peter, a dog, two hamsters, a bunch books, a bunch of movies, a bunch of stuff.

I’ve never really been a stuff person and yet I seem to be accumulating a lot of it lately.   This is not necessarily a problem except that the more stuff I get, the more I want.

I want a new dog, a new kitchen, new stuff for my new kitchen.  I want a cat and some fish and maybe a bird.  I want a full time boyfriend.

I want I want I want….

Its like that old Meredith Brooks song of the same title.  I loved that song.  (Its on her “Bitch” album for those who’d like to hear it.)

This, like all of my odd moods, will pass.

I just hope it does without my having to replace my entire house.


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  1. thanks for sharing this very interesting post

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