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Anatomy of a Headache January 9, 2009

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I’ve never had a normal headache.  In fact, I’m not thoroughly convinced that there is such a thing as a normal headache.

I got my first migraine when I was about 7 years old.  We were living in Okinawa at the time.   My stepfather was still stationed at White Beach.   We lived in this great little house at the top of what, to a seven year old, seemed like a very big hill.  It had these tiny little steps cut into the side of the hill up to the house.

My brother and were bussed each morning to Kadena Air Force Base for school, and then home again in the afternoon.  Now, if I was 7 or so, Dewite would have 5 or so.  The last thing he wanted to do was sit next to his big sister on the bus.  On that day, though, I made him.  I didn’t feel good and I knew something terrible was wrong.  I just didn’t know what.

We got about half way from the bus stop to the house and I sat down on a step (not ours) and sent Dewite on to get Momma. I just couldn’t walk another step.  I was nauseaus, my head was swimming with a dull ache right behind my eye, I felt clammy.

Its the last thing I remember for three days.   I don’t remember Momma getting there. I don’t remember her leading me home.  I have no idea how she got me up those millions of small stairs cut into the side of a hill.

I get several headaches a month.  Once or twice a year I get one like this last  one.  One that doesn’t respond to any medication.   The medical progression of this was as follows:

Exederin Migraine to Imitrex Inhalers to Naproxen tablets to Lortab to Dilaudid (injections and then pills).  I don’t think it was the dilaudid that got rid of the headache. I think it was the fact that dilaudid forced me to sleep which gave my body time to respond and heal itself.

I passed migraine on to both of my sons.  Joshi had his first at about 18 months of age.  Peter was nearly 3 when he had his first one. 

Its a horrible to thing to watch your child suffer with a migraine, knowing the whole while that his pain is your fault.

I hope that none of my grandchildren have them.


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