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A Glimpse Through the Looking Glass

A Quieter Mind January 14, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — matildebonaparte @ 4:30 am

I wish people would stop and think about the impact their words may have on another person.  I’d like to believe that people rarely mean the harm they cause.  I’m seriously depressed tonight.  I was hanging on, thought I was doing okay as I headed toward the anniversary of Joshi’s death.  Now I feel as if I’m barely hanging on and doing everything wrong.

I’m not really angry at the person who suggested that I would be better off working on the death anniversary date instead of staying home and pondering.  In my heart and in my head I know that he’s right. Unfortunately grief is not logical.  I learned this a long time after my maternal grandfather committed suicide.

“Grief is the lag time between knowledge and acceptance.”  Me.

I’m not sure you can ever really accept the loss of your child.  If thats true, then the grief following that loss is never-ending.


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