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Done with January January 17, 2009

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My year is off to an auspicious start.  I can only hope it continues. (Please, PLEASE…read the dripping sarcasm of the first two sentences!)

First of all, I was attacked by a killer migraine on my 3rd day back into the workweek and couldn’t work.  Dilaudid makes one pretty loopy, to say the least.  This migraine and missed day led to a written warning telling me that if I continued to have unscheduled absences I would be either terminated or reduced to part-time status (with no benefits).  Ahhhh, more stress…THATS not likely to bring on more migraines ( the sarcasm).

Said memo was left on my chair overnight on Wednesday.  I got it on Thursday a.m. when I arrived.  Everyone that I could have/should have talked to about it was at a conference…in St. Martins.  (bastards)  Talking to them about it wouldn’t have mattererd anyway since there is no appeals process at work.  They write things and put them in your file and thats the end of that.

Then there’s my grandfather.  He’s ill.  He’s 91.  The doctor moved him from the hospital, where he’d been for 10 days, to a nursing home.  He’s allegedly only there for 10 days but I suspect that, much like his temporary catheter he’s had for four months, the nursing home thing is actually permanent.

The anniversary of Joshi’s death is next Tuesday. ‘Nuff said about that.

I’m officially giving up on January.

Lets start February!!!


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