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I Hate Doctors. Right? January 30, 2009

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Right now I don’t know who I hate worse.  Me or doctors.  I think its probably a tie.  I mean, seriously, you go to them for one problem that you’ve been putting off a few years and they find half a dozen “other” things to treat. 

Granted, what I’d been putting off could technically kill me if it actually develops and don’t treat it, but I did go in today, on my own, to resume my semi-annual testing for it.

Its not her fault, really, though. Its mine.  I put off treating anything until its a freaking emergency.  I don’t really understand the entire middle of the road thing, but I am trying.   And she’s right. I do have something going on, not related to the testing I needed to have done today.

Its just that I consider myself healthy and I hate having it pointed out to me that I’m not, no matter what I might think.

Oh well. It’ll all work out. I’m sure it’ll all be fine.


One Response to “I Hate Doctors. Right?”

  1. ajlouny Says:

    Your doctor reminds me of a car mechanic.

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