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I Love My Dogs February 6, 2009

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Seriously. I do. A lot.  They’re the best dogs in the whole world.

As I’ve mentioned before, Benny is a three year old cocker spaniel who simply owns my heart.  I got him a few months after Joshi died. I thought it might do me good to have another living being around here (this was a few months before PANK moved in).  And it was.  Having him here did wonders for me.

And now there is Stella.  She’s a little munchkin who thinks she’s a giant.  She barks to beat the band, but not at anything or anyone. There is no rhyme or reason to it.  She just barks to bark.  Of course, she’s still a baby, so she wees and poops all over the place, but she’ll get there.  Its a matter of dedication and patience on my part.

The best part, though, is watching them together.  Great big (relatively speaking) Benny and itty bitty Stella.  He has certain places on his body that she’s allowed to bite and tug at.  His chest for example.  But the moment she goes for his legs or his ears, he’s flopping her over and nipping at her snout and explaining (for the 750th time) that there are rules that will be obeyed.  She just lays there and, as he releases her and turns around, barks at him. Its adoreable.

Sometimes I think Benny and Stella are my favorite people in the whole world.


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