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Yet Another Work Update February 12, 2009

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Today went okay.  Still a very stressed and unhappy place.  Again, I spent the day in my office, ignoring everyone except those I was forced to interact with.  I took my new little gadget to work and listened to my iPod today.  Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, ABBA.  Received several comments about how eclectic my musical tastes are.

There used to be this thing that was making its way around different blogs where every Saturday morning you would listen to your iPod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that played.  I’m going to do that this evening, just for fun.

(1) Joe Cocker – Unchain My Heart; (2) Kenny Rogers and Anne Murray – If I Ever Fall In Love; (3) Bon Jovi – Knocking On Heaven’s Door; (4) BeeGees – Theme from Grease; (5) ELO – Don’t Bring Me Down; (6) Bon Jovi – Lost Highway; (7) Randy Travis – Better Class of Losers; (8) Nickleback – Photograph; (9) ABBA – And The Winner Takes It All; (10) John Denver – Thank God I’m a Country Boy.

I have 499 songs on my iPod and always downloading more. I add songs nearly every day to my library.  Yet I claim to not be a music person.

Anyway, each day at work gets a little better.  Hopefully the trend continues.


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