The BiPolar Express

A Glimpse Through the Looking Glass

Updates February 17, 2009

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Mood:   I’m seriously depressed again.  Its all about the money.  Never seems to be enough of it.

Grandma:    I talked with othermother today and although she tried to put a positive spin on it the news is basically not good.  Its not bad, either, though.  Its just that there is no real change.  Her O2 levels are still really bad, bad enough that they didn’t want to take her off the oxygen long enough to take her downstairs to remove fluid from her lungs.  Bad enough that last night she couldn’t eat because they didn’t want to remove the special mask she has on. 

Grandpa:   About the same as Grandma.  Not good, not bad.  Today he’s at least able to walk (with help).  Yesterday he needed the wheelchair to get from his chair to the bathroom.  They’ve made some changes to his medicine and hopefully that will help.

Work:   Today was much better.  Almost normal, or as normal as it gets around there. 

Life goes on.


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