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Rambling & Sluts February 19, 2009

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Well, there are several things going on at the moment.  I guess its time for another “update” post.

Grandma:  She’s still in the hospital.  No longer on pure oxygen but not yet ready to come home either.  They’ve decided to do nothing about her broken wrist because to fix it they would have to rebreak it and then operate and both procedures would require general anesthesia and she probably wouldn’t survive that.

Grandpa:   He seems to be holding his own somewhat.  Bobbi said that he was cooperative with his occupational therapist today.  Back to moving around with his walker as opposed to the wheelchair.

Work:   Another firing today.  Its a bit disconcerting.  Okay, its actually a lot disconcerting.   Plan of action is: keep my head down, do my paperwork, and mind my own business.

Budget/Financial:   Still scanning and send bills and other financial information to brother and othermother.  I feel kind of ambivalent about all of this.  For all intents and purposes I’ve really just kind of given up on my life in general.  Maybe the new therapist I’m supposed to see in a few weeks will be able to help.

Also, just in passing.  My ex-husband’s slut regularly posts on my sister’s facebook page.  Generally speaking it doesn’t bother me, but tonight she made some comment about the ex snoring like frieght train and how much she misses it.  I guess she can fool some of the people some of the time, but what she doesn’t realize is that the ex told oldest son nearly everything and that oldest son told mom nearly everything.  For this reason, I know that ex was thinking about leaving slut before he got so sick and died.  And yeah, I still hate the slut.  I mean, what else do you call a woman who sleeps with another woman’s husband?

Just asking.


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