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A Glimpse Through the Looking Glass

Ah Depression My Old Friend February 22, 2009

Filed under: Moods — matildebonaparte @ 1:19 am

Okay, so it’s a paraphrase.  I don’t think Simon and Garfunkel would mind..or even care.

I try so hard to not make each and every post doom and gloom.  Lately it seems that they are, though.  I’m struggling with apathy.   Talk about your oxymorons. 

I was doing one of those quiz thingies on facebook a few minutes ago and one of the questions was the standard “where do you see yourself in 5 years.”  I used to love that question. I had so many plans. So much hope for my future.  Even when I knew things were hard or bad or even impossible I had that hope that somehow things would work out and my future would be good.

I don’t feel that anymore.

I think that in five years I’ll be sitting in exactly the same place I am right now.  Financially challenged.  Emotionally distant.  Alone.  Lonely.  Sad.

I have no hope.  And I’ve given up on my life.  I’m just waiting to pass to the next one. I’m tired of this one.


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