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Shingles February 25, 2009

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Still having shingles issues.  Yesterday wasn’t so bad, pain-wise.  Today has been awful.  Plus I seem to have broken out in hives on my stomach.  It itched all day long.

I met with my pyschiatrist today.  First time since last November.  Of course, I’m supposed to see her once a month.  She spent 1/2 of our twenty mintues together fussing at me.  I wanted to say, “Look, I’m bipolar.  I’m compliant, but hardheaded.  Surely I’m not the first hard-headed bipolar you’ve treated.  You HAD to know what you were getting into!”  Of course, I didn’t say any of that.  I just nodded my head and apologized and promised her and myself that I’d do better.  And I’ll try. But we both know I won’t succeed.

She also made me promise that I’d start therapy as soon as I’m financially able.  Told her it’d probably be early summer.  I’m ambivalent about therapy. I know I need it but I don’t want it.  Of course, I’m ambivalent about my meds, too, but I manage to take those every day.  We’ll see, I guess.

Going to take another pain pill (have I ever mentioned how much I like pain pills?) and hopefully drift off into a pain-free, oblivious sleep.  Until Peter comes home with my nightly ice cream.  🙂


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