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SNOW DAY!! March 3, 2009

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No work today because we got about 8″ of snow last night.  So very pretty.  I love snow.  Especially on days like today when I (1) get to miss work and (2) don’t really have to go anywhere.  Peter and I did run down to Target to get my prescriptions filled but that was it. Otherwise, I’ve been snuggled down in bed all day, watching t.v. and cuddling with the puppies.

Speaking of puppies…Benny loves the snow.  Stella not so much.  Of course, the snow is deeper than Stella is tall so I guess I kind of understand her hesitance.  Benny was cute, though, bouncing around in the field. I wish I had somewhere to take him where he could have played off-leash.

Had the meeting with Dewite and Bobbi on Saturday morning re: my finances.  I’m officially on an allowance and they’re administrating my paychecks.  We are all saying it is temporary, but somehow I think I don’t care if it isn’t.  Lately I’m all about making my life easier, less stressful.   I’m actually liking having a budget and entering my expenditures on it.

Well, I guess you’re all caught up now.  Time to log off and go to bed.  Sweet dreams, all.


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