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Monday on Tuesday March 4, 2009

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Well, we’re still buried under snow but I managed to make it into the office today.  The big boss actually came around and thanked everyone for coming in today.  Somehow it had never actually crossed my mind to NOT go in.  I mean, sure, I made some comments about wanting additional snow days but when we didn’t get anymore snow overnight I just got up and went in. It never occurred to me that staying home an additional day was an option.  Oh well.    I never claimed to be particularly bright.

I wish I could fully explain to you how much Benny seems to enjoy the snow.  We go out for a walk and he literally just frolicks.  As much as he can considering he’s tethered to me by a leash.   Its still rather adoreable.  Stella, on the other hand, just stands between my legs and shivers.  She won’t even try to go to potty.  As soon as we get back in the house, though, she wees and poops.  As much as I love snow, if this is going to be her attitude I’m thankful that I live in a place where this doesn’t happen all that often.

Oh, and one final thing.

Fornication.  Fornicating Under Consent of Kings.  Two of my favorite words.


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