The BiPolar Express

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Adjusting March 11, 2009

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Its very odd. I’ve driven nearly 300 miles in the last 3 days. Out to King George and back Sunday, Monday and tonight. At this point I’m not planning on going back until the funeral on Friday, but I may try to go out for a bit on Thursday evening, depending on how I feel.

So much to do between now and then. I have to work all day tomorrow. I have to get my hair cut. I need to go shopping with Peter to get him a shirt, tie and shoes. I need a dress, hose and shoes. I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday that I have to keep.

Right now I’m staying so busy that it hasn’t really hit me full force in the face that he’s gone. I imagine that will happen sometime next week when everyone goes home, everything is over and everything gets back to “normal.” Although, yet again, normal is altered. I don’t know how many more alterations of normal I can handle.

I’m not yet ready to write about him personally. Perhaps that will come next week, too, when things are quiet and normal.

Time will tell.


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