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Well well well March 25, 2009

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I’ve had two good days in a row. Its almost scary. What isscary is that I’m so unused to having good days that two in a row almost scares me.

The whole financial thing seems to be working. Payday is in 3 days and I still have about $175 in my two accounts and $15 in my wallet. Barring any unforeseen emergencies I’m in good shape going into this next pay period.

Work is going well, also. Haven’t settled any cases recently but am on the verge of settling at least two really big ones. Not that I get any extra money for it anymore but its still very satisfying to settle cases, big and small.

The dogs are doing well. Benny hasn’t had anymore seizures and seems fully recovered from his last one. Stella is just Stella. She’s adoreable. I love her fluffy little ears and the way she bounces up and down when I come home. She has the cutest little bark/growl thing going on, along with the occasional hound howl.

I was out in KG on Sunday and saw Grandma and Dad. Both seem to be doing well. Grandma is getting around better now and she seems a bit stronger. I hope the upward swing continues.

Now I’m off to finish watching the President on tv.


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