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Sick Day April 2, 2009

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I stayed home today. Killer headache. Seems to be clearing up now. I think its the change is air pressure that causes my headaches in the spring and fall. The weather changes on a dime and it sucks. I think my dad gets the same upswing in the spring and fall as well.

I finally tried a recipe today that I didn’t like. It was a unique pie and I may not have made it right so I might try again but I doubt it. It was a pie called “frog pie” which looks kind of like key lime pie but is made with avacado instead of key limes. It called for canned sweet milk and I think I used the wrong milk which is why I may try again. We’ll see, I guess.

Puppies got people food for the first time ever tonight. I allowed myself to run out of dog food and sent the car to work with Peter since I didn’t feel well. They seemed to enjoy it (left over beef stew, which was wonderful if I do say so myself).

Stella has become quite the little brat, which I realize is my own fault. She barks when she doesn’t get her own way. She bosses Benny around. She sneaks pens and whatnot off my night table when she thinks I’m not looking.

And life goes on.

Thankfully its good at the moment.


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  1. Kay Says:

    ICK !

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