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Nathaniel’s Birthday April 5, 2009

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We went last night and picked up the kidlings. It’s Nathan’s birthday weekend so we had a big one planned.

Last night when we got home we had cake and ice cream and he opened his presents. When he opened the PSP games his dad had bought him we suddenly discovered that his PSP was no more. Apparently Kayla dropped in the bathtub. That meant an extra stop on Saturday.

We got up Saturday morning and fed them breakfast. About 11 a.m. we left and went to Gamestop and bought him a new PSP to take home with him on Sunday. Then we went to Target and bought Kayla a sweater. Then off to Chuck-E-Cheese for lunch and finally to Toys-R-Us so that they could spend their gift cards that we gave them.

We came home and all had a rest and then made dinner. Now they’re eating cake and ice cream again and getting ready to go to bed.

Its been an excellent weekend so far. Tomorrow (Sunday) we’re leaving early to take them home so that we can go through King George and have birthday with Nana and PopPop and Mamoo.


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