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A New Life April 17, 2009

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My sister gave birth to my first (and only) niece this morning. Arlana Mackenzie Quivers was welcomed to the world just after lunch at the whopping weight of 7 pounds 3 ounces. She is 19″ long. My brother-in-law facebooked me a picture and I think she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, her birth makes me think about the births of my own children. Each has their own story and each loves their story even if they pretend not to.

Joshua was born two months early on August 18, 1982. He was due on October 19th. He weighed 4.5 pounds and was 16″ long. He had jet black hair and crystal blue eyes. He grew to stand 6’3″ and was as lanky as they come. His hair was blonde. But his eyes stayed crystal blue.

Julie was born a month early on October 30, 1983. She weighed 7 3/4 pounds and was 17 3/4″ long. She also had dark hair and blue eyes and very very long fingers. I don’t remember Julie’s birth because I had an emergency c-section but I remember when they took me back up to the birthing floor in the middle of the night they brought out of the nursery to me and I started to cry and say repeatedly that it couldn’t be my baby. When the nurse asked me why I said “She’s too ugly to be my baby.” Poor thing, every hair on her blessed little head stood up and pointed in a different direction and her fingers, instead of being curled into cute little baby fists, were splayed wide. I cried that she looked like a spider monkey. When they brought her to me the next morning they had done their best to gather all of her hair into a bow on the top of her head. By then I thought she was the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen.

Peter, my last child, my baby, my heart. He was conceived after a halloween party at which I had too much to drink. He was born on his due date of July 24, 1985 and was exactly the same size as Julie at birth. He was perfect in every way. Dark hair, dark eyes that were too big for his face. He was such a pretty baby that total strangers would stop me in the mall to tell me how beautiful he was. Joshua had always been my rock and Peter my heart, but afte


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