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Weather & Weekend April 27, 2009

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Christ, its too hot to breathe, much less anything else.  It’s not even May yet and we’re having days in the high 90s.  On Saturday the temperature was actually over 100 degrees on Saturday.

I spent the weekend with my family again, which I’m beginning to enjoy more and more.  I went up on Saturday a.m. and Dad and I went to the DMV in K.G. and transferred the title of the Taurus over to me.  Then I went to Walmart to shop for Christian’s birthday present and stayed WAY too long.  After that we all went to Dewite and Gina’s for Christian’s birthday cookout, which was beyond wonderful.  Gina’s parents and sister were there as well as her brother-in-law and their little one, Tyler.  My stepfather was there.  We sat out on the deck and ate hamburgers and hot dogs that my brother had grilled and then we had ice cream cake and sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.

Sunday was nice as well, since Amanda came out to the house with the kids.  She spent a few hours.  She and I had a nice talk and I’d like to be hopeful that it means that we’re moving beyond the past and that I’ll be able to see the kids a bit more.  I’ll believe it when I see it, though.

The weatherperson says that this heatspell should break by Wednesday.  I’m certainly hoping so.


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