The BiPolar Express

A Glimpse Through the Looking Glass

Trudging Forward May 18, 2009

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It was a pretty quiet day at work today.  I like those.  Moved pretty quickly, which is also nice.  I expect that the week will slow down as I approach Friday and I anticipate Friday being absolute torture.

Julie went home today but only for the night.  Tomorrow she’s being sent to Camp Baker until they can find her another permanent placement.  She thinks this is all great but what she hasn’t yet figured out is that if you misbehave, you go to a stricter place, not one with more freedom.  Plus now she’s considered “violent” so that is going to limit her options as well.  I can only hope she’ll learn something from all of this but I’m not sure she will.

I came to the conclusion at work today that there is no way I’m going to completely clear my desk before my staycation starts.  I talked it over with my boss and what I’m going to do is make a complete list of all documents waiting to be processed and then put the documents into their appropriate files.  This way, if they need anything while I’m gone, everything will be in its proper file and I”ll have a way of remembering what was pending when I left.  I think its an excellent solution.  Not the best, which would be leaving a totally clean desk, but definitely 2nd best.

One down, four to go.


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