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I’ve Gone and Done It Again July 6, 2009

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Okay, I didn’t keep my promise about writing more often.  In fact, I got even worse.  How is that possible, I wonder?

Well, I have been going out to the George every other weekend to stay in the house and I really enjoy the quiet and emptiness of the country.  The puppies and I sleep, walk, sleep, eat, sleep walk, etc etc etc.  It’s a lovely life there and I look forward to someday retiring to it.

Julie is doing a bit better.  She had her court date last week and was convicted of assault and battery on a no contest plea.  Sentenced to 20 hours of community service and the judge made it abundantly clear to her that if it had been any other defendant in any other circumstance she’d be on her way to jail now.  I stuck to my guns and didn’t take her to the George with me for the 4th.  I’m hopeful that it isn’t too late to teach about responsibility and respect.

Work is going okay.  That is really all I’m comfortable saying about work in this forum.

I’ve been doing a  bit of cooking and experimenting.  Made an excellent sweet and sour chicken curry over the weekend.  Today I made a corned beef with new potatoes and baby carrots.  Don’t you wish you lived with me? Or at least near me?  🙂 I love to share my experiments.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the made-from-scratch lemon-blueberry bundt cake I make for an office potluck.  Brought home only crumbs.

Okey doke, off for now.  Walk the dogs, clean the kitchen, store the left overs and work on a grocery list.  Never a quiet moment in the city.  Thank god for my little house in the country.


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