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So Here’s The Thing September 25, 2009

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I’m sick. I have the flu.  Respitory kind, not stomach kind.  I hate being sick.  Beyond the obvious reasons of not feeling well I find that I tend to be more easily aggravated, I tend to lash out a bit more, I’m more likely to lose my temper. I suppose it’s a good thing I don’t get really sick more often.

So, here’s what’s bothering me tonight. 

1.  Mackenzie Phillips: Give the woman a break.  No one was ever doubtful when she said her dad taught how to use drugs  before her age even  broke the double digits but now that she’s saying he also sexually abused her people are in absolute uproar.  I believe her.  I believe her because I think it would take a truly sick person to exploit her dead father in this way if it weren’t true.  I know there are those of you out there who will say that “yeah, she is sick..she”s a recovering addict.”  Okay, well, if that’s the qualification for being mentally ill then I’d say there are a lot of mentally ill people out there. 

2.  People who are having a fit over BoA taking down American flags that were put on their property by someone who wanted to honor one of America’s fallen soldiers.  Wonderful sentiment. I commend you for caring.  However, rules are rules.  I suspect you’d all be supporting BoA’s rule regarding the positioning of things like flags if it had been a muslim woman wanting to plant an Arab or Iraqi or Iranian flag to honor their fallen dead.  Let’s remember that many have died in this war and not all of them are American.  If you’re going to plant flags at businesses without their permission then let’s be true Americans about it and post English, German, Iraqi, Saudi and all the other flags of all the other nations who have lost citizens while pursuing a war of special interests.

3.  I hate McDonald’s and rude employees.

4.  I am, at this moment, highly frustrated by people who thing that they’re better than me.  It would do these people well to remember that I know them well and that I’m more intelligent than they are.  In other words, don’t fuck with me. I’m sick and grumpy and I will say things that we’ll both regret later.

With those things said, I’m going to sleep and hoping that I wake up flu free.


One Response to “So Here’s The Thing”

  1. George Says:

    Flu is bad. No wonder you are feeling grumpy – you have my sympathy.

    I still find it strange that a rich country like America still does not have a Health Service. With all its faults our NHS is, I think, something of which we should be proud.

    Hope you are soon better

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