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Sunday Night October 18, 2009

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Lets see…the Redskins lost…HUGE surprise.  (Can you just feel my eyes rolling?)  I’m tired and feeling under the weather.  My moods seem to be shifting pretty seriously, which concerns me since I’m back on my meds.  It seems I have the BES T doctor in the whole world and she’s been providing me with samples of my most expensive medication and the other two are manageable (costwise) on unemployment.  I think that perhaps the mood thing is simply a reaction to stress and anxiety since I’m still unemployed and now Peter is, too.

The kids were here this weekend and we had a blast!  Painted little pumpkins, carved big ones.  I have the pumpkin guts and seeds so I’ll be making pumpkin bread and roasted pumpkin seeds. I was supposed to do it with them today but the crash happened and I wound up sleeping a good part of the afternoon.

Have a meeting on Friday at C.M.H. regarding Julie and her progress. I don’t think it’s going to go well and so I’m not looking forward to it.  I’m going to keep right on hoping for the best, though.

Well, time to figure out dinner and then maybe read or work on a blanket for a bit before bed.  Oh, and I have to file that weekly unemployment claim, too.  Also considering following my sister-in-law’s lead and sending all my Redskins gear back until they figure out how to play football again, but am currently undecided.  Is anyone surprised?  🙂


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