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Ron Reagan Jr v. Frank Gaffney October 24, 2009

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The more I think about it the angrier I get.  Gaffney’s shouting at Ron Reagan Jr. that former President Reagan would be ashamed of his namesake son in the closing seconds of a debate that Mr. Gaffney knew he had lost, and lost badly, was incredibly insensitive and cruel.

I won’t be one of those who spreads Mr. Gaffney’s own particular brand of debate to smear all republicans.  I would feel better about it, though, if I saw any republicans at all coming forward to say that Mr. Gaffney was wrong to say such a thing and that they distance themselves from that comment and other personal attacks he’s made in the past.

As someone who has lost a lot of family in the last 4.5 years I can tell you that anyone who told me that any of my deceased loved ones would be ashamed me of would be on the receiving end of a lot anger and hurt.

My mother and I had a huge falling out several years before she got sick.  We didn’t speak for about 18 months.  Eventually, though, during the 2nd christmas season of our estrangement we did begin speak again, eventually reconciling.  I’m so glad we did, and I’m glad we did it before we knew she was sick. 

I’m sure there were times my mother wasn’t thrilled with the decisions I was making in my life.   I hope there were never any times that she was ashamed of me.  There is a huge difference between a parent being disappointed and a parent being ashamed.  I’ve never once met a parent who, no matter what her child was doing, was ashamed of him/her.  I know that as a mother myself I have never had a single moment of being ashamed of my children, and they’ve all done some pretty horrible stuff.

Frank Gaffney should be ashamed of himself. It was a low blow and an undeserved one.  Why one human being would want to attempt to cause another such pain is beyond me.

I know he won’t ever read this, but just in case, I want to say, directly to him…

“Frank Gaffney, you are a piece of shit.  Not because my political views differ from your’s.  You are a piece of shit because you attempted to use the deceased parent of an adult child as sword against him in a political argument that you were losing.  You’re welcome to feel however you want to feel about anyone you come into contact with.  What are you shouldn’t be allowed to do is impose on you feel about someone onto their parents and then use that against them.

You’re an evil evil man Mr. Gaffney. “


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