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Pets March 22, 2010

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I have two dogs.  Bennie is a 4 year old cocker spaniel.  Stella is a 1 year old miniature dachshund.  I’ve had pets most of my life.  Primarily dogs and cats, but over years some fish, hamsters and once, even a turtle.  I can’t imagine a life without animals to love and care for.  When I was married my husband didn’t believe in allowing us to have pets in the house. In this way we had many pets, but we also lost many of them. I believe to this day that he had more than a hand in some of the disappearances.  I remember one particular cat we had named Ruffles.  He found her one day killing a rabbit. Not pleasant, I know, but it’s what country cats do.  Several days later she “disappeared.”  He was livid at what she had done and I had to physically stop him from beating her in the head with a shovel.  I just find it odd that she then took off in the middle night.  My very first dog was Blackie, a large shepherd/collie mix.  I have no actual memory of her, but a picture of me with me her and stories from family members of my riding her like a horse when I was very little.  Then came Fifi, who I do remember.  An appricot french poodle. I’m pretty sure that my mother named her.  At that same time my grandparents had a black poodle named Mimi and my auntie Sue had a teacup white poodle named Suki.  When I moved with my mom to Okinawa we left Fifi with the Gs and she had a very long and happy life with her “sisters.”  It’s funny that I really don’t remember the cats I had as a child by name.  I really only remember one and it was the one we left with my mother’s parents when we moved to Okinawa. My grandfather fell absolutely stupid in love with that cat from what I understand.  The turtles where something that my new stepfather bought my brother and I.  We decided to take them with us to meet his family and we put them up in the back window for the trip.  Of course, the heat up there killed them.  I haven’t owned a turtle since.  I felt so incredibly guilty and like a murderer.  Then, we get to his parents’ house and his mother treats Dewite and I like trash.  The ultimate bitch.  She actually didn’t accept Carolyn, her own son’s daughter, as her granddaughter until after Carolyn got married.  Absolutely the ulimate bitch. I dislike her to this day.  I got Benny a few months after Joshi died. I felt so lonely and alone in the apartment.  Peter was still living with Ashley in Fredericksburg at the time.   Amanda didn’t really want me to be a part of her life or the kids’.  I was going every weekend to northern virginia to stay with my  dad, but during the week I was miserable and more than a little suicidal.  I decided to get a puppy and I’m not very good at patience so I got him almost immediately after deciding to do so.  I thought I would get a female dog because all but one of my dogs have been female but when I went to the breeders there he was, sitting at the back of the kennel while all the other puppies jumped and bounced.  I wanted calm and there he was. I was prepared to make a deposit on him and then go out the following payday and pay the balance.  The breeder kindly allowed me to write a post-dated check and take him home with me that same day. I had intended to name him something else (I can’t remember what now) but wound up calling him Benny on the way home.  I’m not sure why I did that, but when I was pregnant with Peter it was my intent to name him Benjamin James Bourgeois, but my stupid sister-in-law had her baby first and named HIM Benjamin so I couldn’t very well use the name.  I suppose that’s why I named him Benny.  Stella was a different story. I just woke up one day and decided I was ready for a 2nd dog and I knew I wanted a smaller lap dog. I had a miniature dachshund name Akahi when I was a teenager and I loved that dog so very much.  We got him while living on Midway Island.  Bought him from a breeder on Hawaii.  We weren’t allowed to have cats on Midway because it was a bird sanctuary because of the gooney birds and the lease turns.  So, I knew I wanted a miniature dachshund. I wanted a smooth red, like Akahi, but when I saw Stella’s face, I fell absolutely in love.  She a long hair, primarily chocolate but some red down her back and around her eyes.  Her lips are red as well so it gives her a very odd look.  She’s a love-bug though and I’m glad I found her.  I love both of my dogs very very much.  I think I’d be absolutely lost without them.


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