The BiPolar Express

A Glimpse Through the Looking Glass

How To Break Someone January 13, 2009

Keys to Domination and Control (and I don’t mean the good kind):

1.   Expose the intended victim’s vulnerability by physically, sexually, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually abusing her.  Whip, beat, or verbally berate the victim in some way to illustrate to her just how exposed and vulnerable she is.  (This is especially effective if there is no perceived way to escape.)

2.   Destroy your intended victim’s sense of privacy.  Show up unexpectedly in her bedroom or bathroom. Talk openly about her bodily functions, especially urination, defecation, or mestruation.

3.   Control, as much as possible, the intended victim’s intake of food and water.  Force her to eat what she doesn’t want.  Force her to eat when you’re ready to eat — at your convenience and within your schedule.

4.    Do something designed to frighten and terrorize.  Do it unexpectedly, unpredicatably.  Following the terrorizing event, threaten to do it again.  Do it again, unexpectedly.

5.   Punish and discipline for no apparent rhyme or reason.  Initially she will try to figure out the rationale for the the intermittent punishment, but, finding none, eventually she has to simly accept that punishment will occur for no reason.

6.   Constantly require the intended victim to ask permission to be able to speak, go somewhere, do anything.  This is a type of training procedure.

7.   Isolate the victim to whatever extent possible.  Be the source of information — all information.  Ridicule and doubt any information the victim may have acquired through sources other than yourself.  Set yourself up as The Source.  Restrict her outside interests and activities as much as possible.  Follow her around when you can and rebut any new idea or information as it is required.

8.   Educate and instruct her to your way of thinking.  Present a goal or model of what you expect of her.  Tell her to please you.

9.   Threaten to punish other family members if they don’t comply. Punish other family members for no reasons, just to show the victim that you can and will get the compliance.

10.   Frequently raise the spector that life without you would be a far worse fate.  Tell her how good she has it with you.  Threaten her with ideas, suggestions, sotries of what awful things awaithershould she chooseto escape or leave.

11.   Continue to threaten and punish at irregular intervals.

12.   Grant “irrelevant liniency.”  That is, allow the victim small privileges for no reason.  This makes her more confused and eventually more pliable.

13.   If you can, obtgain signed documents that you are in control.  In financial matters put all purchases in your name only.  Keep bank accounts in your name only.  Share nothing, unless it is for “irrelevant leniency” reasons.

14.   Establish some type of pattern where you won’t have to be monitoring this person constantly.  This can be done by allowing some degree of freedom; and then suddenly appearing, giving the victim the feeling that you’re always there, omnipresent.

15.   Make the victim dependent upon you for her survival.  Do this with deprivation, threats, punishment, lies and misinformation.

16.   Dominate the victim and encourage her to seek your recognition and approval.

17.   Seduce the victim and provide her with a new sexual value system – your’s.  Demand sex that humiliates or degrades her.

18.   Show kindness and respect to others when she can observe such acts.  This reinforces that you can be kind but you’re choosing not to be kind with her.  In this way you encourage her to comply with your demands in hope that receiving some of that demonstrated kindness.

19.   Blame the victim for her predictament.  To whatever extent possible make her assume resposibility for the bad that is happening to her.  Make her think she contols it (which obviously she can’t).  This enhances confusion and compliance.

20.   Intellectually, isolate the victim from what she knows.  Make her doubt everything she hasn’t heard from you.  Change what you tell her so that she doesn’t faith in her own ability to remember even what you said.

21.   Irrelevant kindness.  Act as if you’ve been thinking about her, caring about her.  This confuses and bewilders the victim and dissipates her anger.  Show unusual warmth and speak softly and slowly.  The victim will forget what she was angry about in the first place.

22.   Fake humility.  Put yourself down to the extreme.  This plays into the victim’s martyr comlex, activating her need to reach out and help, to be kind.  This also diffuses the victim’s anger and immobilzers her further.

23.   Guard against the potential that the victim will develop intense anger toward you.  This victim anger will eventually be the trigger that motivates the victim to escape you and your domain.


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